1) Red - (Ahmar) - احمر
2) Blue - (Azrak) - أزرق
3) Green - (Akhdar) - أخضر
4) Gray - (Rumadee) - رمادي
5) Orange - (Burtuqalee) - برتقالي
6) Yellow -(Asfar) - أصفر
7) Pink - (Wardee) - وردي
8) Black - (Aswad) - أسود
9) Blue-black - (Asmaar) - أسمر
10) Light-black - (Kuhli)
11) Brown - (Bunni) - بني

1) Light - (Fatih) - غامق
2) Dark - (Ghamiq) - فاتح


jack_sound23 said...

most of list up there are listed in oxford dictonary except blue-black?? confused what is da different btween black-asward?

jack_sound23 said...

sorry for my stupid question :3

ArabicTUTS said...

"Asmar" is not included in any of arabic standard dictionary (i think) and it has just same meaning with "aswad" but being used and popular widely in egypt. So if you use "asmar" outside of egypt, they will notice you that you're from egypt ;)

Anonymous said...

salam admin :))

Kalau ungu apa ek?

'binafsigi' eh dalam amiyah??

Anonymous said...

hey, for the light and dark words, you mixed up the arabic scripts (they should be swapped)

Anonymous said...

1) Light - (Fatih) - غامق
2) Dark - (Ghamiq) - فاتح

Should be reversed

Ali from Iran

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LoveisWinning said...

So which way is correct since there was mistake?

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