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Good luck & Haz sa3ed.


Nazliey said...

i have a question in my colloquial Arabic there's a phrase "yaa reyt" which I think means "if only". Can it be used alone?
in other words, does this make sense?

"biddi meet milioun dullar!" - "i want a million dollars!"
"yaa reyt!" - "if only!"

i know you can say, "yaa reytni yakoon 'indi milion dullar" - "if only i had a million dollars" - but this is "yaa reyt" followed by something.

so my question is, can "yaa reyt" be used alone and, if not, how would you say "if only!" in (preferably palestinian) colloquial?

love from turkey

ArabicTUTS said...

O.K. I think you already know the meaning but you're confused the way to use it right? Anyway, don't you think it gives the same meaning? The phrase "Yaret" (يا ريت) can be used in two different ways.

1) if you put it before verb - it gives the meaning of "if only", example:
يا ريتك تعرف ايه جوايا
(if only you know what's inside me)

2) but if you leave it alone it gives the meaning of "I wish" or "I hope so". So, based on questions : Yes it can be used alone.

I think there's a mistake on your example. "yaa reytni yakoon 'indi milion dullar". Let see the prefix there, it's a form for 3rd person singular right (for he)? So you should change it to "Akoon" and that would be better ;)

aftab said...

Hi guys, i need some help please.
How would you say in egyptian colloquial arabic?
- how was spoon broken?
- how was bottle broken?

'alia said...

salam aleik.
salam aleik
how do we translate these wishes into egyptian colloquial?

1)may u r always in a good condition
2)may u succeed in the world and hereafter
3)may u become a great muslim
4)may allah take good care of u

thanks a lot. barakallahufiik:)

Nazliey said...

thank you so much for the good explanation there. May Allah bless you.

"yaa reytni akoon 'indi milion dullar"
This is the correct sentence isn't it?

love from turkey

Admin said...

@aftab :

how was spoon broken?
"El-mil'aqa inkasart ezzai?"

how was bottle broken?
"El-ezaza inkasart ezzai?"

Admin said...


1)may u r always in a good condition
" Allah yusalimak "

2)may u succeed in the world and hereafter
" robama anta tanga7 fi aldonia w ala5era "

3)may u become a great muslim
" robama anta tosbe7 moslem gaied/kuwais "

4)may allah take good care of u
" robama allah yehfazak "

Anonymous said...

salam aleik my friend..

this blog so usefull and helps me so is so impressive that you can mastering egytian arabic excellently. hope i could take your step. may i ask you. :)where are you from my friend.

lim zhou

Anonymous said...


Can you post something that is related with trading selling items? Like, we're the buyer. How to negotiate. Well i'm going to Makkah in a few days from now. So hopefully i can negotiate with them, thought of buying 5 pairs of jubah :D


Anonymous said...

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